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1.  How do I apply for the whitelist?

You must own a specchio nft. all holders are automatically whitelisted. 

2. Will it be a free mint?

The Whitelist spots will be free, then pirce tbd.

3. Is there a limit per wallet?


4. What blockchain will the nft's be on?


5. How many will be available for mint?

10,000: 1,234 whitelist for specchio Nft holders, 8766 for public sale.

6. What will the prizes be?

100% of prize wallet given to a randomly drawn number every week.

7. How will the prizes be funded?

a 5% royalty will fund the prize wallet.

8. How will I know if i have won a prize?

winning digits will be randomly drawn and published on our website and twitter.

2 % royalty.

Avatar pfp's are old news. it's your number that counts for true degens. join our army!

9. why degen digits?

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